Miscellaneous Authors

A Mixture of Books By a Number of Authors On Various Topics
Andreasen, M. L.

The Sanctuary Service

The Faith of Jesus

The Book of Hebrews

Letters to the Churches

God’s Holy Day


Baxter, R.

The Reformed Pastor

The Saint’s Everlasting Rest


Crews, J.

Absent From the Body

Alone in the Crowd

Amazing Wonders of Creation

Answers to Difficult Bible Passages

Baptism is it Really Necessary

Blood Behind the Veil

Creeping Compromise

Culture and the Christian

Death in the Kitchen

Does Grace Blot Out the Law

Down From His Glory

Enemy at the Gate

Feast Days and Sabbaths

Heaven is it For Real

Hell Fire a Twisted Truth Untangled

Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears

How Evolution Flunked the Science Test

Is it a Sin to be Tempted

Reaping the Whirlwind

The Surrender of Self


Davis, M.

Our God of Love, Mercy, and Justice (Does God Kill and Destroy)

What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life


Ferrell, V.

Beyond Pitcairn

Defending the Godhead

Defending the Spirit of Prophecy

Ellen White Did Not Plagiarize

Some Key Events in Seventh-day Adventist History, A Chronological List

The Broken Blueprint

The Day Christ Died

The End of Time

The Evolution Cruncher

The Feast Days

The Man Who Boarded the Phantom Ship D. M. Canright

The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia

The Truth About the Adventist Reform Church

The Truth About Tithing

The Water Therapy Manual

The Medical Missionary Manual

Our Evangelical Earthquake

Christmas, Easter, and Halloween – Where Did They Come From


Larson, R.

None Dare Call It Apostasy Part 1

None Dare Call It Apostasy Part 2

Preach the Word

Tell Of His Power

The Hellish Torch

The Tithe Problem


Myers, H. H.

Battle of the Bibles

The Dismantling Seventh-Day Adventism

The Inquisitive Christians

With Cloak and Dagger


Were, L.

Battle for the Kingship of the World

Before Probation Closes

Bible Principles of Interpretation

Europe and Armageddon

God Speaks and Israel Triumphs

Preparing for the Close of Probation

The 144,000 Sealed

The Certainty of the Third Angel’s Message

The Future Unveiled by God’s Love

The King of the North at Jerusalem

The Kings from Sunrising

The Middle East Ferments

The Moral Purpose of Prophecy

The Truth Concerning Mrs. E. G. White, Uriah Smith, and The King of The North


Wilkinson, B. G.

Answers to Objections to Our Authorized Bible

Our Authorized Bible Vindicated



A Solemn Appeal Relative to Solitary Vice, and the Abuses and Excesses of the Marriage Relation

A Syllabus For Holy Living

Does 1844 Have A Pagan Foundation

Footprints of Faith

Foundations of the Seventh-day Adventist Message and Mission

Fundamentals of Bible Doctrine

Revival Lectures

Number in Scripture, Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance

Light Bearers to the Remnant

God’s Channel of Truth, Is it the Watchtower

George Müller of Bristol

The AntiChrist 666

The Illuminati 666

The Holy Spirit Exists

Searching the Scriptures

Rome’s Challenge, Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday

The Bible in the Critic’s Den

The Mystery of the Daily

The Mystery of the Daily 2009 version

The Bible Instructor in Personal and Public Evangelism

The Nature of the Godhead

The History of the Adventist Interpretation of “the Daily” in the Book of Daniel From 1831 to 2008

Adventism’s New View

Final Rise and Fall of the King of the North

In the Shadow of The Daily- Background and the Aftermath of the 1919 Bible Conference

The Time of the End – Updated

The Time of the End

The Role of Biblical Hermeneutics in Preserving Unity in the Church

With Jesus in His Sanctuary

What is New in the New King James Version

Understanding Daniel And The Revelation

The Struggle for the Prophetic Heritage, Issues in the Conflict for Control of the Ellen G. White Publications 1930 -1939

The Startling Omega and Its True Genealogy and an Open Letter to Elder A. G. Daniells

The Seven Epistles of Christ